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 Binds - Tutorial

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PostSubject: Binds - Tutorial   Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:25 am

What is a bind?

A "bind" is a way to "bind" a key on your keyboard, mouse or input device to a command in the game. You can control what button is associated with which game commands for example:

bind w "+forward"

This uses the bind command, it tell the game when you press "w" down to do the game action called "+forward". I belive that every action and variable in the game can be bound to a key. The syntax for this is as follows

bind x "command"

Where x can be any accessible input device (keyboard, mouse, and joystick) or the code to represent them. The quotes are not required for single commands but I do recommend them.

What Keys or Input Can I Bind

Here is a list of keys (codes to represent them) and inputs that can be bound in the game to a command:


What Can I do with these keys?

What can you do with binds? Anything you can do in the game and more. In Appendix B of this guide is the complete list of commands (at last count it is about 20 pages long) that can be used in the console or bound to keys. Please feel free to look... really.

Can I do more than one thing at once?

Yes. Binds can also execute multiple commands with a single key press. Here is an example:

bind MOUSE1 "+attack; -attack; +attack; -attack;"

Ok, so what does this do? It allows you to press the MOUSE1 button once and have your gun shoot twice (much faster than you can click). The +attack mode means pull the trigger -attack means let go of the trigger. Notice each command is separated with a semicolon ";". This is how you tell the console (or your config file) that you are executing a new command on the same line.


Yes. Another feature that they built into the game is the ability to "bind" radio calls, so you don't have to go through your menu all the time. Here is how it works:

bind j "ut_radio 1 1 Affirmative"

What this does is bind the key "j" to the radio call that says AFFIRMATIVE to all your team mates. You can do this with all of the radio commands here is the syntax for you:

bind x "ut_radio # # Text_To_Say"

Here is a listing of all the available radio calls click here.

Where x can be any key listed above, the # symbols represent the numbers corresponding to the radio calls They are listed in Appendix A of this guide. And as an extra nugget for you, Text_To_Say is what is printed on the screen for your team mates to see when you make your radio call. You can include the color codes from the Appendix A to color your text if the server allows it.

^0 = Black
^1 = Red
^2 = Green
^3 = Yellow
^4 = Blue
^5 = Cyan
^6 = Magenta
^7 = White
bind x "ut_radio # # ^0Black, ^1Red, ^2Green, etc

Conflicting information!

Just like any system when you make changes, you can make problems. If you bind any key twice, only the last one to be called is recognized by the game so for example:

bind w "+forward"

bind w "+attack"

When you bind a key twice the second over writes the first. So when you press "w" the game character will +attack. This can cause some pretty annoying problems for people especially when you start making multiple configuration files.

Can I do more?

Yes, you can get into scripting and toggles... that is another chapter though. Now that you have read this you should understand what binding is and how to do it to map your key settings to something that you like and is tailored to your playing style. Consider making a bind to do anything you do regularly, or find time consuming while your playing.

There you go, want more?
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PostSubject: Re: Binds - Tutorial   Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:02 am

~Moved to tech chat Smile

Nice tutorial xandaxs, thanks cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Binds - Tutorial   Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:22 am

No problem, only done because of you...
Noobie Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Binds - Tutorial   Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:11 am

Wanna add sth.
If u wanna have coloured binds you cant do that bind ingame cuz console closes if u try to type that sign ( ^ ).
Thats why u have to type coloured binds in config.
Urban Terror -> q3ut4 -> q3config
If u type binds here you dont need the backslash ( / ) anymore..
Xandaxs already did it in his guid l0l

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PostSubject: Re: Binds - Tutorial   

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Binds - Tutorial
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