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PostSubject: Post Quality   Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:54 am

Hello everyone, this topic is just to say that i want you guys too be active, but if you are active but just posts on the welcome topic and things that aren't important, and with posts like "lool" or whatever, that, for me is almost the same as an inactive member, I perfer you to make 3 posts with very quality with you're opinion about the subject etc... on the General talk, Hard talk, Tech Chat or any other important topic that is on the forum, than 20 posts without any quality, that aren't important to the clan.

It's ok to talk of whatever you want, but i would like more to spend 5 minutes on making 3 posts that are very goos, than 10 minutes on 10 posts that aren't important.

Cheers, Fallen
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PostSubject: Re: Post Quality   Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:01 am

I must agree with you there...

We're a 'dead' clan, i mean, zombies right?
But the clan members, you guys and me, must keep this alive...
And we aint gonna do it just by saying 'lol' or ' smiley face'..

Of course I'm not saying you cant spam sometimes or just joke..
If there's a topic where you can take things in that way, I'm probably gonna be the 1st one to spam, go off-topic, and just play it t he 'clown' way :p

But also, if there's important topics like this one... we all should just give our opinion, waste more than 1 minute reading the text, and spend more than 5 minutes writing an answer...
If you just want to rush things because you wanna play, rather don't come to the forum... Or you can come later.. and then, spend a bit of time with the clan...
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Post Quality
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